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LTL, truckload, logistics, transportation and trucking jobs at Kriska
Careers : Military Transition

Military Recruitment & Retention Program

Become an AZ Driver

In recognition, respect, and gratitude to the men and women of Canada’s military, we are proud to introduce our Military Recruitment and Retention Program. This career transition program offers the training, support, and flexibility that you need to continue your journey along a successful and rewarding career path. In addition to Truck Share, training, and onboarding programs, we offer job security, flexible part- and full-time opportunities, competitive compensation, and a dedication to your work/life balance.

At Kriska, we value your service and commitment and would like to be a part of your second career success.

Truck Share Program

Kriska developed our unique Truck Share program to address the needs of newly transitioning former military. We partner you with one other driver, who shares your truck and works on the days that you are home with your family, focussing on a new hobby, or pursuing other interests. Kriska’s expert scheduling allows you to work in tandem with your partner, ensuring your shared company truck is productive and well cared for.

Paid Training & Orientation

As a newly licensed AZ Driver, you will participate in three and a half days of orientation. We provide you with this solid foundation of classroom learning to ensure you are ready for the next phase of your training – a six-week, on the road, in-cab program where you will receive expert guidance, development, and coaching from experienced Driver Trainers to get you started right. 

Home Time

We are different from other transportation companies who may only give one full day off for every week away from home and require drivers to be on the road from 1-4 weeks at a time. Kriska offers the flexibility to drive full or part-time and our industry leading scheduling ensures that you are home a minimum of two full days every week and are on the road a maximum of only five to six days at a time. 

Next Steps

  1. Your first step is to get a valid AZ driver’s licence. There are many schools in Ontario offering six to eight week AZ instruction programs. We recommend that you carefully consider a school’s qualifications and the school you select should be registered as a Private Career College in Ontario. Contact our recruiting department to find out which schools we partner with in your area. 

  2. We encourage all drivers entering the industry to apply for a FAST card. The quickest and easiest way to apply is online through the Canada Border Services Agency website. It can take up to eight weeks to get a FAST card and we recommend that you start this process as soon as you are ready to start your AZ Licence training. 

  3. Learn more about Kriska by exploring our website. We encourage you to complete our online application before graduating from the training school so that we can ensure a smooth transition through our training process.
If you’d like to learn more about how Kriska can become a trusted, supportive partner in your new career transition, contact us today!

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