As you are aware we have been deemed an essential service by the Federal Government and as such are needed to continue to haul consumer goods during this difficult time.  To do this,  we want to ensure we are operating as safely as possible for all of our associates and their families.  We continue to monitor the situation and modify our practices as information and direction from public health and the government is presented. 

For our Office Staff

Most of you are currently exercising a working from home and in the office rotation.  This follows the recommendations of Health Canada, creating social distancing to avoid the spread of Covid19.  While in the office, we ask you to disinfect your work area regularly and respect the 6 foot distancing.

We want to limit face to face interactions.  Please ensure you use email and phone as much as possible.  We are trying to keep all associate interactions limited to technology where possible.  This includes hosting conference calls versus live meetings.

For our Mechanics

Given that your roles cannot be completed at home, steps are being taken to protect you.  Care is being taken to sanitize all commonly touched areas ie. Areas where we enter the building and rooms, parts room countertop, fleet support window, lunchroom and kitchen area.

For our Warehouse Employees

There is sanitizer at the door and all drivers and staff are being instructed to use it each time they enter the building. Gloves are available for the lift truck drivers.   Everyone is reminded to distance themselves from each other.

 For our Drivers

We ask that you use your satellite or phone to reach those that you need to speak with (versus coming into the office) as much as possible.  Given that most are alternating working from home, phone is the best way to reach them.  This includes dispatch and your DSR.

If you need to enter the office area, we ask that you call ahead to ensure the person you need to see is in the office first.  If they ask that you come inside to see them, please ensure that, for those that have offices, you stand in their doorway versus sitting down at their desk. For those not in offices, please respect the recommended minimum of 6 feet of distance.  It can be difficult to judge 6 feet so in some cases there will be tape placed on the floor.

If you are in any of the driver lounges, please ensure there is a minimum of 6 feet between you and others.

We have been sourcing gloves and sanitizer and encourage you to refer to earlier messaging around use.  We are continuing to attempt to source masks and disinfectant wipes and hope to make these available to you as soon as we get them. 

 For Everyone

Today, as more businesses in Canada close we continue look at measures to protect all of our employees.   We ask that you please adhere to these requests:

  2. When you are not working, follow the government lockdown and only venture out for essentials.
  3. All offices are closed to outside visitors and non-essential vendors.
  4. For those that do need to enter the offices, shop or warehouse please:
    1. Use the available hand sanitizer on entry and exit of the building
    2. Follow the detailed signage 
    3. Keep the recommended distance from each other
    4. If you are in the lounge, we ask that you keep a 6 foot distance away from others.  We will ensure that our lounges and rest rooms are being cleaned with increased frequency to ensure your safety.

All of these measures are in an effort to keep everyone safe during this time.    If you have suggestions, recommendations or concerns please let me know.  Thank you for your patience, and diligence around staying safe.  We appreciate everything you are doing during this time.


Tammy Cryderman

General Manager

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