Equipped for Efficiency

Kriska operates one of Canada's youngest fleet. Our 3-year lease cycle allows us to offer our drivers comfortable and reliable trucks that feature the latest safety and environmental technology. This keeps the roads safe and ensures that our customer's freight arrives on-time, every time.

Kriska company trucks feature:

  • APU (auxiliary power units)
  • Super-single tires
  • Full Aerodynamic Package
  • Isaac Systems driver tablet
supersingle tire fuel savings
trailer skirt fuel savings
year lease

Kriska prides itself on being a responsible, corporate citizen and establishes policies and controls to ensure we are doing our part in helping to preserve an ecologically sound and sustainable environment.

As a transportation, logistics, and warehouse service provider, our environmental performance is our top priority. Preventative maintenance, speed control, engine idling, equipment specifications, and recycling are all areas that protect our environment while conserving energy and our natural resources.

By setting and measuring objectives, we continuously strive to improve our footprint on the environment.

Our recycling program is dedicated to reducing the amount of paper, cans, scrap metal, oil, and coolant that can eventually find their way into the environment.