Kriska Holdings Ltd. aims to be one of the Safest Fleets running across Canada. What makes Kriska so much safer than many other North American fleets? Our answer is "our training program."

How does the Kriska program work, and what differentiates it from the training offered at other carriers? Kriska's comprehensive training and finishing program help newly licensed drivers become safe, professional transport operators. New drivers who join Kriska will go through three days of intense in-class training with our experienced instructors with a combined 100 years of driving and training.

Once the classroom training is complete, newly licensed drivers will go out with our team of certified professional over-the-road Driver Trainers for a minimum of 4 weeks of instruction in a truck. Instead of running as a team, the Trainer and student take turns in the driver's seat. Together they work a wide variety of loads and weights, expanding on the foundation they received in their orientation classes. Unlike what they experience at driving school, working directly with an experienced Trainer builds their confidence to a professional. These real-world experiences are valuable long into their career as professional transport operators.

When the four weeks of in-cab training completes we transition new drivers to our Shadow Training Program. During this second 4-week new drivers are paired with their Shadow Trainer. The student and Shadow Trainer are assigned loads in pairs to haul in their individual trucks. These cross-border loads allow students to travel greater distances and deliver across North America with supervision and guidance.

As an example of our commitment to new drivers and their training, we'd like to introduce you to Samuel.

Samuel is a newly licensed driver who recently joined Kriska. The COVID pandemic caused him to reconsider his career path. A lifetime around the big rigs driven by his father suggested trucking. Samuel researched different companies and chose Kriska due to our reputation for safety and training. Over the past eight weeks, he excelled in our training program. While we were experiencing snowstorms during his final week, Samuel enjoyed summer-like weather as he hauled loads to Missouri and onto Texas. We're glad that he chose trucking and Kriska as his new career and carrier. Welcome to the team Samuel!

For Samuel's final week of Shadow Training, we joined him up with Kriska driver Walter. He made a similar career change over a year ago when he came to our industry after 35 years of retail management. Working with the Kriska Recruiting team, he accessed the Ontario Second Career Program to help him pivot towards his new career in transportation. After experiencing the depth of our in-house training and opportunities during his first year driving, he wanted to give back by becoming a Shadow Trainer.

We're happy to welcome drivers of all experience levels and help them grow their careers. As a carrier, we train new drivers to become experienced professionals and provide opportunities to become Shadow Trainers, In-cab Trainers and even Instructors. Samuel and Walter are just two examples of the hundreds of safe and professional operators who have found success through Kriska Training. We're grateful to have them on our team and that they trusted Kriska to help them launch their career.